Create Your Team & Have Some Fun!
Posted On: 2022-06-09

Creating your World Tavern Trivia team is easy!

#1: Gather a group of friends (1-6 people)
#2: Choose a Team Captain – their email address will be used to register the team.
#3: Register your team by clicking the link below. You can add players, create a Team Name, and more. It’s that simple!


With more than a dozen categories to choose from, including The Playground (sports), Tone Deaf (music), and Heavy Petting (romance), World Tavern Trivia will excite and challenge your Bar Brain. Your Big Brain (the Trivia host) selects the categories for each round.

Welcome to World Tavern Trivia!
Posted On: 2022-06-09

Enjoy a night out with your friends while you Eat, Drink, and THINK! Answer topical and exciting questions from hilarious categories designed for you and your team to have fun at your bar.

Each Trivia game lasts about two hours, with three periods (2 rounds each period) consisting of an assortment of questions in each round.For each correct answer, your team receives 10 Brain Cells (points). You can also double your Brain Cells during Period 2 or 3 (Rounds 4, 5, or 6).

The team with the most Brain Cells in a period may win a prize from the bar (usually an appetizer or gift card). The team with the most Brain Cells on the night wins any prize the bar may offer.