We have our Top 10 finishers from the first quarterly Online Championship!

NOTE: If you're team is listed below, please send an email to JohnM@BiggerCrowds.com ASAP with the best mailing address to send your winning check!

Congrats to the WALLA WALLA WEASELS on earning the $1,000 first place cash prize! Honorable mention to PENGUIN PLUNGERS for their second place finish, and to THE CHEWBACCA DEFENSE for taking third place.

The complete list is below. Remember, to qualify for the next $2,500 quarterly Online Championship in March 2019, all you need is to win a Trivia night at your local WTT venue (and make sure your Big Brain enters the scores!).

#1: Walla Walla Weasels (Martin Eiger), 104 pts - $1,000
#2: Penguin Plungers (Andrew Lin), 103 pts - $500
#3: The Chewbacca Defense (Tara Braun), 89 pts - $300
#4: Flying Raccoons (Steven DeFeo), 67 pts - $100
#4: Baroo (Elizabeth Puskas), 67 pts - $100
#6: Jean-Claude's Damn Van (Carly Miller), 66 pts - $100
#6: TW Winners (Matthew Hunt), 66 pts - $100
#8: Pebble & Friends (Jimmy Macrina), 57 pts - $100
#9: Little Lebowski Underachievers (Patty Miller), 41 pts - $100
#10: PCs Posse (Paul Clark), 38 pts - $100

Congrats to everyone above on a job well done!

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