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World Tavern Entertainment started with World Tavern Poker in 2004.  We added World Tavern Trivia 4 years later in 2008.  The concept of World Tavern Trivia was to create a trivia game for the rest of us.  We didn’t want to create the normal trivia game with very hard questions.  We wanted it to be challenging questions but fun and entertaining as well.  We came up with 14 categories and created fun names for them, created 2 rounds called Brain Freeze Challenges and created the league format.  Teams can compete at any World Tavern Trivia bar and have the ability to earn their way to our National event held once a year where we give away $10,000 in CASH prizes.  Top 5 teams are paid.  

Similar to our poker promotion we knew we would need to focus on 2 critical success factors-Make It Affordable & Make It Easy for the bar owners.
Our Mission
To create an Organization that provides tavern owners the system & tools to create, manage and market successful Trivia Games resulting in both great excitement and great profits for their business.
So if you are a Tavern Owner looking to take your business to the next level or simply fill up the place on a slow night, then we encourage you to join the World Tavern Trivia.
Our Team

Mike Matsinger
[email protected]

Nancy Matsinger
Co-Founder/National Sales Manager

[email protected]

Stephen Clossick


Kathy Kennedy

Executive in Charge of Keeping the ADHD Founder on Task

[email protected]

Central Jersey Franchise Owners

Matt & Marie McCarthy
[email protected]

Dick and Charlotte Macartney
Coastal Carolina Franchise Owners 
[email protected]

Patrick McGavisk
NC/VA Franchise Owner
“Professor of Donkeyology”

[email protected]

Angela McGavisk
NC/VA Franchise Owner

[email protected]

Mark and Sarah Thomas
Outlaw Tavern Entertprises


Bob Boesl
Lucky River Promotions

[email protected]

Cindy Moses
Fill the House Promo Inc.

[email protected]

Christi Bowers

[email protected] 


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Mailing Address:
World Tavern Entertainment
5611 NC Hwy 55
Suite 102
Durham, NC 27713
Phone:  919-544-0700
Fax: 408-790-1515

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