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World Tavern Trivia is brought to you by World Tavern Entertainment, the creators of World Tavern Poker, America's #1 Poker League. Our business is to help bars grow THEIR business through low cost, turnkey entertainment solutions. So if you have even one slow night during the week, consider one of our entertainment solutions!

World Tavern Trivia – The most fun and exciting Live Team Trivia game in the country. This isn’t that boring old blue box trivia, World Tavern Trivia takes bar trivia to a whole new level! With over 100 hosting taverns, and over 10,000 registered players, World Tavern Trivia is one of the country's fastest growing bar promotions!

World Tavern Poker is the #1 bar poker league in the Country with nearly 400 hosting taverns and over 150,000 registered players. Cash in on the poker craze that is sweeping the country. For more info visit
World Tavern Fantasy FootballWorld Tavern Fantasy Football is designed to bring more football customers into your bar and provide a more fun and exciting format to your football customers.  Bonus points are given to teams watching the game at your bar.  For more information, go to

So if you love hanging out at bars and playing poker or trivia, then World Tavern Entertainment has just what you are looking for!

If you are a bar or restaurant looking to build your business by bringing in more customers, then World Tavern Entertainment can help!

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Our Team

Mike Matsinger
“Big Brain”
Mike grew up in Southern New Jersey and lived in and around Atlantic City during college. He has always worked for himself, primarily because who the h**l would hire him? He loves creating new companies and shots of just about anything.

Nancy Matsinger
Co-Founder/National Sales Manager
Nancy grew up in Manasquan, NJ and has years of experience in sales and marketing as well as many years of experience putting up with Mike...that alone qualifies her for almost any position in any company. Nancy and Mike have 2 sons and daughter (Brittany, Michael and Riley).

Stephen Clossick

“Chip Counter”
Stephen has been in Chapel Hill, NC since high school and has worked with Mike at his chain of mattress stores. He has also been the administrator for a local angel investment group. Stephen is married with 2 children.

Kathy Kennedy
Executive in Charge of Keeping the ADHD Founder on Task

Kathy grew up in Thomasville, NC and then showed her superior intellect by choosing to attend Duke University. Go Blue Devils! She has lived in the Triangle area for the last 25 years. Kathy has been a stock broker and was a franchisee with Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. She sold her stores a couple of years ago and is still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows. What she does know is that she loves to play poker. She has been playing WTP for almost 2 years and that is how she met Mike and started this latest journey.

Dave Keltonic
Genius Graphic Designer

Dave grew up in Richmond, VA and recently graduated from James Madison University. He joined the WTP team this fall after finding out about the position through Craiglist. He is threatened daily with the reposting of the Craigslist job ad if he screws up.
Dave is married to his gorgeous wife, Julie.

Yolanda Ortiz
Marketing Assistant

Yolanda grew up mostly in Clarksville, TN. She took the 4 ½ year track at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville  Shortly after graduating, she packed up her life and moved to the triangle area for an internship in Chapel Hill. Once that was over, she thought health insurance and a steady paycheck sounded like a great idea. Like fellow team member Dave, Yolanda found her open position on Craigslist. After the WTP team figured out how awesome she was, they hired her on as a marketing assistant. Although it is not spoken often, the threat of her position being reposted still looms as well.

Rose Rollmann
Customer Service

Rose grew up in Steubenville, Ohio.  She attended the University of Steubenville, and graduated with a BA in MassCom. She was a teacher in Tampa, then “retired” to raise her 2 sons, Jamie & Patrick. In 1995 she moved to Raleigh.
Rose started playing World Tavern Poker at Raleigh Ale House-Creekside in 2005 as a way to get out of the house. Eventually, she became a Tournament Director at O’Dwyers, and then Front Row.

Hollie Watts
Party Guru

Hollie, Hunterdon and their six Australian Cattle Dogs moved to The Poconos, Pennsylvania in 2003 from sunny Southern California.  Born and raised in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Hollie "graduated" from Trenton State College after six years of intensive drinking, game playing and bartending.  Hollie's hobbies include camping, crafting and fighting with Mike.

G. Dull
"The G Man"
G grew up in Ocean City, NJ and still reside in the Atlantic City area. He started playing World Tavern Poker around 2005 when we only had one bar in our area (King Pin Lanes). Now we have over 17 bars in our area that feature World Tavern Entertainment venues and we keep on growing. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids. I’m a diesel mechanic for our local township since 1992…. retirement is around the corner. Once I retire I plan on taking the South Jersey Region by storm.
Phil Mason
Regional Sales Associate
Phil is a lifelong salesman with over  8 years of experience in many industries.  He worked for Walt Disney World where he was taught the highest level of customer service.  Phil also got engaged in June on the two year anniversary of their first date and will be getting married in October of 2011.

Central Jersey Franchise Owners
Matt & Marie McCarthy

After moving over 23 times in her life, Marie settled right back where she started in her native state of New Jersey. Marie met her husband while sitting next to him at a poker table. Three years later on November 2 they were married on stage by Reverend Mike Matsinger on Fremont Street at the 9th World Tavern Poker Open. After over 11 years in Real Estate, Marie and her husband Matt became WTP franchisees for a New Jersey Region. Marie says. "Nothing but good has happened since she sat at her first game of World Tavern Poker over 4 years ago."

Dick and Charlotte Macartney
Coastal Carolina Franchise Owners

Introducing Dick and Charlotte MaCartney owners of the Coastal Carolina franchise for World Tavern Entertainment.
Married over 40 years ago they have resided on North Topsail Beach for the past 15 years.  Charlotte retired from teaching High School History and Dick completed a 40 year career in the Food Business.  Charlotte was born in Texas, Dick in Ohio and they have lived in nine different states. Dick came to poker because his father had a poker club in  Reno, Nevada in the 1960's and he shiled there as a 21 year college student.”
After playing poker in World Tavern leagues for three years the opportunity to help grow the brand in the Eastern Carolina market seemed like a fun thing to do while supplementing a retirement income.  So far the experience has been all positive, and we are looking forward to meeting many more players and helping more bars and taverns earn money from Trivia and Poker.

Patrick McGavisk
NC/VA Franchise Owner
“Professor of Donkeyology”

Patrick grew up in North Carolina. After graduating high school, he spent 4 years in the Marine Corps. He is a graduate of Appalachian State in NC and Thomas Edison State College in NJ. He spent 15 years in the education field where he met his most awesome wife and business partner Angela. Patrick started playing World Tavern Poker in the Raleigh area. In 2009 he and Angela made the decision to become franchise owners with World Tavern Entertainment.

Angela McGavisk
NC/VA Franchise Owner

Angela grew up in Richmond, Virginia.  After graduating from Longwood University she moved to North Carolina to work at a Wilderness Therapy Camp to help troubled teenagers.  While there she met her husband, Patrick.  After getting tired of living in the 21st century with no electricity she and Patrick decided to move to Raleigh – where Patrick became a World Tavern Poker addict.  When she finally decided that she was not going to be able to rid him of this addiction, she decided to join him.  The two enjoyed World Tavern Poker so much, that in 2009 they decided to became franchise owners.

Chris Holcombe
Central Maryland Franchise Owner

Chris graduated from Stanford University in 1993 with a degree in economics, which he hasn't used since.  Instead he spent 14 years navigating the choppy waters of our nation's banking and mortgage industries.  After praying the housing market wouldn't implode while he had his own mortgage office for 3 years, he retreated to "stay at home dad" status.  During this time, he only left the house for World Tavern Poker online games and hooked up with Mike at the Online Championship in Atlantic City and learned about the World Tavern Franchising opportunity.  He now hopes to leave the house more while growing the Central Maryland region, so if you see him out and about, say hello and don't ask him where interest rates and the housing market are heading.

Mark Siegrist
Northeast Massachusetts Franchise Owner
“The Siege”

Mark grew up for the most part in Easton, MA. Mark is an avid poker player and trivia buff. After being laid off during the economic downtown, Mark decided that bartending wasn’t a career for him and decided to put his poker, trivia and sales skills to use and bought a World Tavern Entertainment Franchise. Winning the 2009 World Tavern Trivia National Championship helped influence his decision (as well as increasing the size of his head to almost the same size as Mike’s!).

Wes Lowe
Tri-State Entertainment
Wes started his Texas Hold'em career in 2003 while playing poker in his kitchen with friends.  His passion for poker grew over the following 5 years. At the same time he joined the World Tavern Poker league. Wes has taken his passion for poker to the next level and joined the World Tavern Entertainment team as a franchisee.  This move allows Wes the opportunity join the fun in growing the World Tavern leagues in Western NJ and Eastern PA.
Mark and Sarah Thomas
Outlaw Tavern Enterprises
Mark and Sarah, both native New Mexicans, were married in 1998 and have two children.  Mark has his degree in Applied Sciences and works in an Engineering Firm, Sarah has a degree In Business Administration and is a Sales Assistant for Stock Brokers. Mark’s brother, Jimmy, was an avid poker player and the owner of Doc & Eddy’s in Albuquerque.  Jim and Katie (mom and dad) played in a World Tavern Poker league in Arizona and the family got the league started at Doc & Eddy’s.  Sarah found herself playing a game she had never played before.  Mark found himself playing a game he has played all his life.  After the last open in Vegas, Mark came home and said let’s do this.