About Us

World Tavern Entertainment started with World Tavern Poker in 2004. We added World Tavern Trivia 4 years later in 2008. The concept of World Tavern Trivia was to create a trivia game for the rest of us...the regular Bar Brain.

We didn’t want to create the normal trivia game with tough questions. We wanted it to be challenging, but fun and entertaining as well. We’ve come up with over a dozen categories and created fun names for them, created rounds such as Brain Freeze Challenges, and also created the league format.

Similar to our poker promotion, World Tavern Trivia has always focused on 2 critical success factors: Make It Affordable & Make It Easy for the bar owners.

Our Mission

Providing tavern owners the system & tools to create, manage and market successful Trivia Games resulting in both great excitement and great profits for their business.

If you are a Bar Owner looking to take your business to the next level or simply fill up the place on a slow night, then we encourage you to add World Tavern Trivia to your promotions calendar!

Contact us at Info@WorldTavernTrivia.com.

Our Team

Mike Matsinger

Marie McCarthy
National Sales Director

Kathy Kennedy
Executive in Charge of Keeping the ADHD Founder on Task

John Owens
Tech Guy & Handler of Mike

Nancy Matsinger

Thomas Gidlow
Director of Marketing

Carleigh Magee
Lead Graphic Designer

(photo coming soon!)

Josh Bardwell
Regional Sales Director

Mike & Teresa Filipelli
Entertainment & Drinking

Franchise Owners


Brad Baker
North Carolina (Coastal)

Cindy Moses
New York (South, East)

Christi Bowers
Virginia (North East)

Robert Harper
Tennessee (Central)


Contact Us

Have a question or comment?  Please e-mail us at Info@WorldTavernTrivia.com


Mailing Address:

World Tavern Entertainment
5302 NC Hwy 55
Suite 101
Durham, NC 27713
Phone (Call or Text): 919-249-7467


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