It's Tavern Championship Week at all World Tavern Trivia venues!

Here is the format for this awesome event:

-- To qualify, a player must have earned 5,000 Brian Cells during the season (or 2,500 Brian Cells in the 2nd half of the season).

-- The Top 3 teams on Tavern Championship night advance directly to the 2018 WTT National Championships! The winning team also receives the coveted Tavern Champion Medals.

BIG BRAINS: Don’t forget to make a big deal about your venue Champions! Make a presentation of the medals and the 2nd & 3rd place National Qualifier cards. People love receiving awards in front of their friends and fellow bar brains!

Finally, please make sure you enter your scores after Tavern Championships as soon as possible.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, be sure to shoot an email to:

Have an AWESOME week everyone!


The Team at World Tavern Trivia

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