Team FAQs


What makes World Tavern Trivia different than other trivia games?

It’s about the Fun!  This is Live Team Trivia complete with fun questions and a lot of smack talking.  Plus it’s a league so you can see how your team compares to hundreds of other teams around the country.

How do I register my team?

Simply click on the Join The League/New Team Registration button to get started.  Each week you can pre-register your Team by going to the Schedules section and finding games in your area!

Why is my team limited to 6 players for each game?

We don’t want a team of 20 people showing up each week and having a distinct advantage over a team of only 2 players.  The idea here is that we make it fair for everyone to compete!

I like hard trivia, is this going to be too easy?

Not at all!  Our database is filled with both easy and difficult questions from 12 different categories.  You might be a master at Science and Technology, but what about Sex & Romance?

What can our Team win?

For each game, the Taverns will provide prizes such as t-shirts, gift certificates and other cool stuff.  At the end of the season your team will have the chance to compete for the title of Tavern Champion and the Team Champion Plaque!  As well, you can move on and compete in the National Championship for $10,000 cash!

What else should I know?

If you don’t like to drink, eat, socialize or have fun…then this may not be for you. World Tavern Trivia is about having a great time with friends of old and new!

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National Ranking
1.  Nottawa Nitwits-MI  716pt avg.
2.  MRE404B-MI  715pt avg.
3.  Paulverizers-MI  680pt avg.
4.  Walla Walla Weasels-NJ  678pt avg.
4.  Nottawa Nitwits 2.0-MI  678pt avg.
5.  Loco Jeffersons-MI  668pt avg.
6.  Suck it, Trebek!-MI  658pt avg.
7.  The Chewbacca Defens-NJ  652pt avg.
8.  Jean-Claude''s Damn -MI  650pt avg.
9.  R & M-MI  647pt avg.
10.  The Pang Gang-NJ  646pt avg.
11.  Threat Level Midday-MI  635pt avg.
12.  Flying Raccoons-NJ  632pt avg.
13.  Idk of nj-NJ  629pt avg.
16.  S.S. Minnow-NJ  629pt avg.
14.  Quiz In My Pants--N/A  628pt avg.
14.  Springfield Isotopes-NJ  628pt avg.
15.  Prairie River Pirate-MI  625pt avg.
15.  Baroo-NJ  625pt avg.
15.  DnMort-PA  625pt avg.
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