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Rank UserName Name Points State City
1 MRE404B MRE404B 680 MI Three Rivers
2 Nottawa Nitwits 2.0 Nottawa Nitwits 2.0 672 MI Centreville
3 Nottawa Nitwits Nottawa Nitwits 671 MI Sturgis
4 Walla Walla Weasels Walla Walla Weasels 655 NJ Morristown
5 New Hampshire Certain New Hampshire Certain 649 NJ Cranbury
5 Penguin Plunge Penguin Plunge 649 NY NY
6 Flying Raccoons Flying Raccoons 638 NJ Somerset
8 American League American League 635 NJ Aberdeen
9 Paulverizers Paulverizers 632 MI Three Rivers
10 Jean-Claude''s Damn Van Jean-Claude''s Damn Van 631 MI Centreville
11 The Pang Gang The Pang Gang 630 NJ Dayton
12 League of extraordinary drinkers League of extraordinary drinkers 626 NY Yonkers
14 Bob Loblaw''s Law Blog Bob Loblaw''s Law Blog 620 NJ Rockaway
13 Surviving Second Surviving Second 618 WA
13 S.S. Minnow S.S. Minnow 618 NJ Harmont
15 Baroo Baroo 611 NJ
16 Dysfunctionals Dysfunctionals 608 NC Lillington
17 Mean Gene Oaklanders Mean Gene Oaklanders 607 NJ
18 Think we know it all Think we know it all 604 MI Sturgis
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National Ranking
1.  That''sWhatSheSaid-NC  711pt avg.
2.  The 6 Usual Suspects-MI  704pt avg.
3.  Hot For Teacherz-NC  698pt avg.
4.  Walla Walla Weasels-NJ  694pt avg.
5.  NinerNation-NC  684pt avg.
6.  Dolphins with a Porp-NJ  674pt avg.
7.  brucrew-MI  664pt avg.
8.  A and M-NJ  660pt avg.
8.  Oscars Pinkberry-NJ  660pt avg.
9.  GirlsNightOut-MI  654pt avg.
10.  Quiz Pants-NJ  646pt avg.
11.  Idk of nj-NJ  645pt avg.
11.  Comfortably Dumb-WA  645pt avg.
11.  Oh no we suck again-NH  645pt avg.
12.  Fargin Iceholes2-NJ  641pt avg.
13.  Chalupa Batman-N/A  639pt avg.
14.  Surviving Second-WA  638pt avg.
14.  MRE404B-MI  638pt avg.
15.  Mac N Cheese-NJ  636pt avg.
15.  JAMS2-PA  636pt avg.
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