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Mike Matsinger
World Tavern Entertaintment
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Durham, NC -- March 28, 2009 –
As we enter into Spring, we are reminded as we see the bulbs we planted change into beautiful flowers, the leafless trees start to bud with new life, and our lawns becoming a carpet of green, that change…IS good!

World Tavern Trivia, one of the first LIVE Team Trivia Leagues to offer a customizable game for its customers, will soon be experiencing some change of its own. 

Due to the incomparable success of World Tavern Entertainment and its pioneer bar promotion, World Tavern Poker, the folks at WTE have decided to bring the “World Tavern” brand recognition to Brain Freeze Trivia; the new name on lips of all the staff?  WORLD TAVERN TRIVIA.

“We are so excited about the changes that are happening in our trivia promotion!  Our bars know us as more than just a bar promotion company, we are, in many ways, their very own promotions DIVISION.”, explains Brain Freeze Trivia Director, Traci Penland.

 “We are constantly looking for ways to make the crowds bigger and better for all of our customers.  From Joe’s Pool Hall in rural Alabama to the flashy New York City bar. Its all about helping their business grow!”.

That’s just what owner/found, Mike Matsinger, is counting on as they plan to roll out the name change during the next three to six months. And while the basics of the game will remain the same, World Tavern Entertainment, the parent company of both World Tavern Trivia and World Tavern Poker, will bring greater brand recognition to one of the hottest live trivia games hitting the social scene across the country.

 “We have seen such great success with our promotions and as we continue to grow, we want our trivia promoters to share in that brand recognition,” explains Matsinger, “We’re not just a trivia promotion company or a poker promotion company…we are in the bar promotion business and that means we will do everything we can to assure that the promotion that we offer is bringing in the biggest crowd possible for our bars and restaurants.”

Bars and restaurants around the country are hosting this new breed of trivia and finding that it provides the outlet people need. 

With World Tavern Entertainment, their business may be just a game…but judging by their recent success….business is not only fun, but its also good.



About World Tavern Entertainment

World Tavern Entertainment is a North Carolina based bar Entertainment Company that provides low cost, turn key promotions to bars across the country.  The company’s core product, World Tavern Poker ( is the country’s largest bar poker league with nearly 300 hosting taverns and over 90,000 registered players.


For more information about World Tavern Entertainment you can contact them at (919) 544-0700.

For information: or
Phone: 919-544-0700


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National Ranking
1.  Nottawa Nitwits-MI  716pt avg.
2.  MRE404B-MI  715pt avg.
3.  Paulverizers-MI  680pt avg.
4.  Walla Walla Weasels-NJ  678pt avg.
4.  Nottawa Nitwits 2.0-MI  678pt avg.
5.  Loco Jeffersons-MI  668pt avg.
6.  Suck it, Trebek!-MI  658pt avg.
7.  The Chewbacca Defens-NJ  652pt avg.
8.  Jean-Claude''s Damn -MI  650pt avg.
9.  R & M-MI  647pt avg.
10.  The Pang Gang-NJ  646pt avg.
11.  Threat Level Midday-MI  635pt avg.
12.  Flying Raccoons-NJ  632pt avg.
13.  Idk of nj-NJ  629pt avg.
16.  S.S. Minnow-NJ  629pt avg.
14.  Quiz In My Pants--N/A  628pt avg.
14.  Springfield Isotopes-NJ  628pt avg.
15.  Prairie River Pirate-MI  625pt avg.
15.  Baroo-NJ  625pt avg.
15.  DnMort-PA  625pt avg.
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